December 8, 2019

8 Award Winning Paradise Theaters at Cedia 2014

Paradise Theater would like to congratulate our esteemed integrator clients on their winning theaters at this year’s Cedia Electronic Lifestyles Awards. We were fortunate enough to be involved in (8) award winning projects last year and we’re looking forward to many more successful collaborations in the years to come!     I’ve listed the specific… [Continue Reading]

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Keys to a Quiet Room

Most professional integration firms would never consider installing a high performance video projection system in a white room with windows and high levels of ambient light, because the environment would render the performance capabilities of the system imperceptible. Why is it then that our industry regularly installs high-performance audio systems in the acoustical equivalent of… [Continue Reading]

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Defining ‘Home Theater’

So, what does the term “home theater” really mean? This is not a trivial question. One of the challenges we find is the ambiguous nature of the term ‘Home Theater’.  When a client says they want a home theater it is very important to understand what exactly their expectation is for a home theater.  It… [Continue Reading]


Discerning Tastes

Paradise Theater clients have a discerning taste; they are looking for something very special built in their home, something designed to satisfy their taste for things of the highest quality.  A Paradise Theater delivers a unique addition to one’s lifestyle; an escape from reality.  A Paradise Theater is about the experience.  This experience must be… [Continue Reading]


A Room With Many Views

Keys To Designing A Non-Dedicated Home Theater I have never really liked the term, “dedicated theater,” because it does not really project the image of an entertaining environment. I love the term ‘private theater’ as it gives more credence to the special experience such a room delivers.  Similarly, the term “dedicated theater” is often intended… [Continue Reading]

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Working Closer Together

One of the greatest missed opportunities of home theater design is the potential for collaboration. Private theaters are joint efforts. Architecturally, a private theater is a room that has potential to impact the other living spaces within the structure of the home. Aesthetically the theater setting is part of a larger environment designed for a… [Continue Reading]


The New Home Theater Aesthetic

For a private theater to deliver a truly sensational experience, both form and function must be embraced in its design.  Much has been said about the “home theater experience,” and many profess the ability to deliver it. A manufacturer will claim that their product is the answer, while an engineer will point to his ability… [Continue Reading]


How We Do Windows

Controlling Light and Acoustics in Theaters Containing Glass Large reflective surfaces in a home theater require acoustical consideration, and windows are particularly difficult to treat. If the window is also a door, such as sliding doors or decorative single light doors, the positioning and access/egress issues come into play, as well. Large reflective surfaces in… [Continue Reading]


Cool Homes For Projectors

The home theater projector is one of the most difficult components to integrate into a private theater room design. Fortunately savvy home theater designers can overcome most of these design hurdles with proper creativity and engineering. Here are six challenges that I’ve observed, and how to overcome them.