December 8, 2019

Tuscany Theater Featured in Residential Systems Magazine

FrontRight_Web.jpgOur Tuscany themed theater has been showcased in Residential Systems magazine.  The focus of the article highlights the collaboration between various industry trades on the project to deliver a world class custom private theater.

Excerpt from the article:

“The ability to produce a room that delivers a true home theater experience requires a lot of planning and integration. Often, a company like Paradise Theater is asked to take and improve an integrator’s design, such as creating a “quiet room” that blocks outside sounds from the theater environment, enabling an audience member to hear the subtle rustling of leaves in a suspense thriller or even the last somber note of a violin solo from a musical program.

It is not a fluke that Cavitt has become a respected professional and in-demand industry educator. Involved in the custom integration industry since 1992, Cavitt also has rounded out his experience with stints in the high-end residential design and construction industry and music and professional audio business. He is a CEDIA Design Level I Certified Designer, a THX Tech I and II professional, and continues to create award-winning system designs and home theater projects, including the CEDIA Best Large Home Theater 2008.”

To see the article in its entirety Click Here