November 15, 2019

Should Your Theater be a ‘Paradise Theater’?

The Paradise Theater Experience: At Paradise Theater we are focused on designing world class private home theaters.   Our holistic design process incorporates every element of your private theater experience, leaving no detail of your experience to chance.  Each paradise theater is engineered to deliver precise levels of performance as a result of our detailed process, providing you with a magical experience.


The “Suspension of Disbelief”: When we entered the market over 20 years ago this phrase was regularly referred to as the goal of a private theater. Originally coined by poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1817, the phrase has since been appropriated by Hollywood and is used to describe the phenomenon in which an audience, while watching a movie, is willing to accept it as reality. Without a willing suspension of disbelief, the experience is diminished.  This type of experience takes knowledge and skill to produce and is the result of Paradise Theater’s comprehensive design approach embracing both form and function. Private Theater rooms, performance engineered to make that vision a reality.


Why Paradise Theater?  Paradise Theater clients have a discerning taste; they are looking for something very special built in their home, something designed to satisfy their taste for things of the highest quality.  A Paradise Theater delivers a unique addition to one’s lifestyle; an escape from reality.  A Paradise Theater is about the experience, an experience which cannot be realized by chance or happenstance; it must be engineered.  Every Paradise Theater design is a unique endeavor undertaken to exceed the individual needs of our clientele.  It is the distinctive nature of each design that gives every Paradise Theater owner a one-of-a-kind experience in their home.  This cannot be achieved with template designs or a cookie-cutter approach; it can only be achieved with a careful design and engineering process with explicit attention to detail.


Why do I need a theater designer?  Private theater design is a specialized field that incorporates many bodies of knowledge including acoustics, audio, video, interior design, architecture, lighting, construction techniques, mechanical systems, electrical and others.  Each aspect of the room needs to be considered throughout the design process to deliver excellence.  Compromising or failing to consider just one element of a private theater design could tarnish the entire experience.  It requires a specialist whose core competency is designing private theater environments to masterfully blend all of these disciplines and deliver a stunning experience.


What about my existing project team?  Paradise Theater works as part of the design/build team on a project, collaborating with other team members (system integrator, architect, interior designer, builder, etc…) to deliver results you can count on.  Our collaboration with these other team members ensures a seamless flow from design to build.  Paradise Theater offers support to the project team throughout the build out of the theater to ensure the room is built as designed.


The Oft Forgotten Component in a Private Theater; The Room  The room is arguably the most important element in a private theater and all too often it is either ignored or treated as an afterthought.  A properly engineered room will allow the private theater to deliver levels of performance beyond what the equipment alone can deliver.  Many times a private theater owner believes that by purchasing the most expensive projector, screen and speakers that their private theater will outperform others.  This is an unfortunate misconception that many purveyors of these products would like you to believe.   A private theater room needs to be designed to live in harmony with these products so that they may deliver excellence.


The Quiet Room Experience:  The Quiet Room experience is one that takes your private theater to another level.  Imagine enjoying a movie and being able to hear the all of the slight details the director wanted you to experience.  The fact is that without a Quiet Room, many of these details aren’t ever heard and you’re missing the ‘magic’ that the private theater experience delivers!

Have you ever been watching a movie and had various noises disrupt your experience such as: gardener mowing the lawn, cars driving by, phones ringing, people talking, kid’s music/ video game noises, footsteps from the floor above, etc…?


Is a Paradise Theater right for me?

  • I would like to have a Private Theater in my home
  • I want to experience the ‘suspension of disbelief’ when enjoying my private theater
  • I want my private theater to be engineered from the ground up to deliver a unique, special, powerful experience.
  • I would like my private theater to be custom designed to meet my needs
  • I would like my private theater to incorporate acoustic treatments that have been selected as a result of scientific acoustic analysis.
  • I would like to have the seating positions in my private theater critically analyzed to ensure excellent viewing angles and sight lines.
  • I would like for my private theater to be a special place where I might go to read a book, relax or hangout for friends and family.
  • I would like for my private theater to deliver the maximum performance possible with the audio/visual equipment I choose
  • I would like to reduce sound transmission from the private theater to the rest of my home.
  • I would like to eliminate external noise from polluting my private theater experience.
  • I want to do everything I can (within my budget) to have the best private theater possible.
  • I value the expertise of various experts in their field such as an electrician, architect or interior designer and want the same level of specialized talent to design my private theater.