December 8, 2019



1 Discovery

We begin every project with our detailed client discovery process to ensure that we fully comprehend your unique private theater needs and desires.  Paradise Theater then coordinates with other project team members such as the architect, interior designer, theater builder, system integrator, mechanical and electrical to gather necessary construction plans and detailed information.

2 Theater Functional Concept

Upon creation of a 3D CAD model of the room, we conduct preliminary engineering studies so we can understand the room’s unique characteristics for sound isolation requirements, acoustical behavior, speaker and listener positioning, projector, screen and viewer positioning characteristics.  We use this information to conduct room space planning and create a “functional concept” of your private theater including ideal room size, dimensional allocations for sound isolation and room acoustics, optimal speaker positioning, projector and screen positioning, seating and platform configurations.  The result is the ideal room configuration for your high performance private theater. Your private theater functional concept is presented to you in an online meeting where you can see the room in 3D views.  We solicit feedback, make necessary adjustments and submit a final concept for you to approve.

3 Theater Interior Design Concept

Paradise Theater creates a unique interior concept or we collaborate with your design team to conceptualize a design that embraces both aesthetic and performance.   The interior concept development phase of the custom theater design is critical to ensuring the performance characteristics of the room are uncompromised, while ensuring the aesthetic is equally astounding.  Every detail is considered and interior design criteria are coordinated with the performance design to ensure extraordinary results.  3D renderings are produced for presentation to the client.  We solicit your feedback, make any necessary adjustments and submit a final interior concept for you to approve.

4 Theater “Chassis” Design, Acoustical Engineering & Construction Documentation

Utilizing the approved functional and interior concept direction, Paradise Theater completes comprehensive engineering and design to finalize the preliminary studies completed in the functional concept stage. Coordination with mechanical and other trades is conducted to ensure our standards are being met.  Upon completion of the chassis design & acoustical engineering, Paradise Theater completes comprehensive documentation to support the successful construction of this Performance Theater Chassis. Documentation includes plan view, reflected ceiling plan, front/ rear/ side elevations and sound isolation construction details.  This detailed documentation aids the onsite contractors to complete the build out of your Paradise Theater Chassis.

5 Theater Interior Construction Documentation

Paradise Theater then creates complete documentation to support the successful construction of your private theater interior.  Documentation includes the final seating plan, lighting design, acoustic treatment locations, interior construction details delivered as plan view, reflected ceiling plan, front/ rear/ side elevations and construction details/ section views.  Paradise Theaters are highly technical rooms of great beauty. Detailed construction documents make Paradise Theaters possible.

6 Design Management & Construction Administration

Paradise Theater remains available throughout the construction process to answer questions and ensure your team in the field has everything they need to make your private theater a reality.  No question is too small; we welcome the opportunity to share our insight throughout the realization of each unique project.  During the chassis construction and interior construction phases, Paradise Theater provides support to ensure accurate implementation of the design during chassis construction.

7 System Performance Verification & Testing

At specific points in the project, Paradise Theater visits the site to ensure your private theater is being executed to deliver the level of experience you are looking for.  This includes (2) visits to conduct rattle testing in the room to ensure rattling components are identified and resolved prior to construction being completed that prevents resolving them.  A full range loudspeaker is used to perform “sweep tests” to identify rattle points in the room.  Also included is a site visit by our acoustical engineer to measure the room’s acoustical responses during construction to verify constructed room response is matching predicted room response.

8 Audio System Calibration

Paradise Theater couples our expertise and experience in room acoustics with the complex algorithms, frequency filters, phase filters, and time delays provided by the world’s leading calibration tools.  This combination yields the ability to provide superb performance to the end user.  Thorough information discovery process enables Paradise Theater to deliver a personalized system tuning based on desired listening positions, room specific criteria, and other client preferences.  Collective knowledge, experience and education in room acoustics, theater design, and electro acoustics combine with our iterative calibration process combining critical listening analysis with sophisticated calibration software tools ensure optimal results are achieved with the calibration process.

9 Video System Calibration

Just as audio calibration is a vital part of achieving the optimal experience from your audio system, video calibration is equally critical.  To ensure your video experience is utilizing the full capability of your projector, sophisticated measurement and calibration tools are used to ensure accuracy and precision as the director intended!  All measurements performed utilizing the state-of-the-art Colorimetry Research Spectral Radiometer and Colorimeters, various test pattern generators including 3D, HDR, and customized calibration software ensuring accuracy.  Color gamut mapping, gamma/grayscale tracking, and dynamic range will all be mapped and adjusted.  In the end, we’ll provide a Pre/Post-Calibration Report illustrating the results and documenting the settings.