June 27, 2017


FUSION – The Complete Paradise Theater Design Package

FUSION is Paradise Theater’s comprehensive custom home theater design offering, delivering the finest quality in private theater performance and aesthetics.  Click Here for more details on the Fusion design service.


FOUNDATION – The Performance Theater “Chassis”

The Performance Theater chassis is focused solely on the room’s performance design and does not include the interior concept design or design integration (see Fusion above).  Click Here for more details on the Foundation design service.


PTE – Performance Theater Engineering

Performance Theater Engineering, unique to Paradise Theater, identifies all of the critical performance characteristics of the room’s audio, visual and acoustical systems. Paradise Theater completes comprehensive analysis of these systems using our strict performance standards and criteria. As a result we identify the optimal environment for these audio, acoustical and video display systems to co-exist. The results are delivered in a documentation set including acoustic analysis results and recommendations (graphs, room acoustics data, performance commentary) showing placement of acoustical treatments and optimal speaker locations. The video display system specifications are also documented including sight lines, viewing angles, projection throw distance, available offset characteristics and other critical display system data.


ILLUMINATION – Room Acoustics Analysis Service

The Illumination service is a comprehensive room acoustics analysis which provides a detailed and thorough acoustical analysis of your private home theater or media room.  Illumination is included in our Foundation and Fusion service offerings, but is also available as a standalone service.   We examine the unique characteristics of your room, your individual performance expectations and provide thorough acoustical analysis to arrive at optimal acoustical specifications for your room.     As a result of the acoustical analysis you will be provided with an illumination acoustic report for your room.  For more information on Illumination click here.


TAILORED - Custom Designed to meet your specific needs

Our Tailored Services are designed to provide the appropriate level of service for your project.  Whether it’s a media room or a project with unique, specific or limited design requirements, we work with you to determine your needs and tailor a specific scope of work to meet those needs.