June 27, 2017

Acoustical Consulting

Architectural Acoustics Consulting

Room acoustics, sound isolation, soundproofing, noise control, sound absorption,  and acoustic damping are just a few of the terms used to describe architectural acoustic solutions.

Architectural acoustics is the control of sound and vibrations within a building, room, or specific areas. Architectural acoustics can be affected by noise and vibrations created within a space such as (talking or music) or by noise and vibrations generated outside the space from HVAC systems, elevators, talking, or footfall for example.

Solutions may include one of 2 approaches:

  • Sound Isolation: reducing transmission of air and structure-borne sound/vibrations into and/or out of a space.
  • Room Acoustics: improving the acoustical quality within a space.

Paradise Theater offers sound isolation design, specification, and consultation services to assist you with your project’s noise control needs.  We also provide room acoustic analysis, modeling, and specification of solutions to optimize many acoustical parameters within your space.

Various project types such as private home theaters, commercial office buildings, restaurants, living rooms and home offices will have specific acoustical challenges and goals.  Paradise Theater has the experience, knowledge and services help you achieve your acoustical goals in any space.

We regularly consult with architects, builders, system integrators and other trade professionals on residential and commercial sound transmission issues.  Contact us to discuss your project in further detail.