June 27, 2017

Audio Calibration (ARCOS)

Audio Calibration Services

A Paradise Theater designed and acoustically treated room will provide a superb audio experience – only to be outperformed by a room that has also been fine-tuned and calibrated by Paradise Theater.  Our calibration services will allow your room to achieve its highest capable level of performance.  We provide theater design and high performance room calibration services for private theaters requiring the pinnacle of performance throughout the United States and abroad.  Contact Us to schedule a calibration.

Paradise Theater is a Harman High Performance Master-Certified acoustician and room calibrator using ARCOS (Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System).   As a Masters-Certified ARCOS calibrator and theater designer, Paradise Theater is authorized to qualify a JBL Synthesis /Harman High Performance AV (HPAV) installation as a Factory Certified JBL Synthesis Calibrated Theater.  Gold and Platinum JBL Synthesis certifications are only available for rooms calibrated by a Masters-Certified calibrator.

With every completed calibration, Paradise Theater will provide a report providing specific details and commentary on the results of the calibration, providing insight into how the system’s performance was optimized.